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Matchmakers Lawndale. Love on the strand.

Lawndale Matchmaking

Malibu Matchmaking Lawndale


Single for too long because you’re dedicating too much time to work? Need a smiling daily routine? Meeting someone helps with your overall happiness. You may not be doing a good job dating on your own – this is why you need a matchmaker to help you.

Matchmakers at Malibu Matchmaking are very experienced in Southbay. We know that the distance that you are looking to drive from Lawndale is going to dictate how well a relationship grows. Dating on the strand is still 30 minutes to the beach – much easier when your date is pre-arranged. Speak with a matchmaker and find yourself someone to enjoy the sunset with… Find yourself transitioning from work slave to lover… Find yourself in the best mood possible… Call today.


You Choose to Hire a Matchmaker Part Time or Full Time

Make the Decision to Promote Your Happiness

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They go to Alondra together… They walk her dogs together…

They roller blade together… He feeds her favorite ducks all the time…

Become a duck lover at Malibu Matchmaking

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