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Matchmakers Los Alamitos. Wake up to adorable.

Los Alamitos Matchmaking

Malibu Matchmaking Los Alamitos


Our lives are great together… He makes me breakfast… She has clean clothes for me in the mornings… We finally made it to codependent bliss… Malibu Matchmaking provides the service of finding professional people a date. Many solo artists look at dating maybe like you do. You go out and hope to meet somehow in your “spare” time.

Malibu matchmakers go to work for you in Los Alamitos. When you are working, we are working. We are talking to people, finding out their relationship status, and discussing with them that they should meet our client. We give you the profile of a person that is similar to your needs until you agree to meet her/him. The match is shown your profile and you go to a dinner date. In time, we stay with your new relationship and communicate date-by-date. Adjustments or other matches can take place. Matchmaking is a way for you to have fun and grow into a solid relationship with an adorable person. You can live your life being kind to each other… She will be there for you… He will leave for work and return… haha… Call and see who we can meet for you.


Romantic Quality Matches in LB, Southbay and the OC

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He’s like a magic spell… He’s got me mezmorized…

I try to bring her something everyday… Mostly just love notes…

Our number is right here. Get magical.

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