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Matchmakers Lancaster. He’ll be your kind of man.

Lancaster Matchmaking

Malibu Matchmaking Lancaster


They’re a wildflower couple… She points to what she likes… He picks every one of them… There is no point in trying to online date from Lancaster. Matchmakers will save you hours and hours of driving south. We will hunt down someone special for you. You hire us and we’ll put in the time to find you happiness.

The process of matchmaking has progressed to background checks and in-person meetings on your behalf. We talk to everyone that you want to meet. Many will be in a relationship already. That means your special someone is going to be 100% single. Your matchmaker will pre-date for you until we introduce you to a solution to your single life. Do you want fresh flowers in your house?… Do you need a smile on your way to work?… Do you want to get started today?… Yes.. Yes, you do..


Matchmakers Produce North Valley Love Miracles

The Train Will Be Worth It

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Jump when she says jump… Stay when he says… Please stay…

She calls it Pro-elope Valley… Laughing is his favorite thing about her…

Being single sucks. Make the change with Malibu Matchmaking.


Casanova's Singles Brunch

La Molleteria - 9:00am - 11:30am
Tijuana Playas, Mexico

Summer Singles Brunch Is Here. Meet Busy Professional Single People Skipping Work on a Thursday Morning. El Brunch de Verano para Solteros.

World Explorer Eddie Sparks, Mr Casanova is back in his favorite section of his favorite city HOSTING a singles brunch all summer long. Enjoy conversations as we build a great Thursday morning experience over time.

As summer moves on in Tijuana, you will find our brunch packed with single businessmen and single businesswomen. You can network, discover and possibly date professional singles that show up on a Thursday AM at Casanovas Singles Brunch at LA Molleteria in TJ Playas.


El explorador mundial Eddie Sparks, el Sr. Casanova está de regreso en su sección favorita de su ciudad favorita, HACIENDO un brunch para solteros durante todo el verano. Disfrute de las conversaciones mientras construimos una gran experiencia de jueves por la mañana con el tiempo.

A medida que avanza el verano en Tijuana, encontrará nuestro brunch repleto de empresarios solteros y empresarias solteras. Puede establecer contactos, descubrir y posiblemente salir con solteros profesionales que se presenten un jueves por la mañana en Casanovas Singles Brunch en LA Molleteria en TJ Playas.

Dress is Casual or Dress to Impress
Vístete informal o vístete para impresionar

Photo of Lisseth Rincones and text reading Models Wanted.

Free Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership in our database is $700. How are we going to introduce you to someone wonderful? Notify a matchmaker of your single status - which means joining the database and getting interviewed. We are offering the following professions Free Lifetime Membership in our database:

Models ♥ Actors ♥ Comedians

PS. Set Crew and Stagehands enjoy Free Lifetime Membership at Malibu Matchmaking.

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