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Matchmaking for Men

Meet Single Women with Malibu


Matchmaking for men – Purchase introductions from Malibu Matchmaking and become a member. Meet single women including the following:


    • Appropriate height: Some women eventually succumb to high heel addiction.
    • Appropriate race: Women are beautiful; however race is an interesting topic for children.
    • Appropriate religion: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas could turn into some additional holidays.
    • Appropriate schedule: Invest your time in someone that can see you.
    • Appropriate food: Mom makes it, you love it, she don’t want it in the house. Fixed.
    • Appropriate medical: I have a problem meeting someone because I can’t be in the sun. She’s allergic to suntan lotion.
    • Appropriate hobbies: She just won’t AirBnB. She is afraid of bugs and won’t safari. She want’s to jump off every waterfall but I can’t swim.
    • Appropriate education/language: Women don’t have to be the breadwinner. Women don’t have to know anything about advertising/crypto analytics. Do you need a quiet life? Do you need comradery in conversation?
    • Overall comfortable: She wears professional dresses daily and you want to eat Chinese buffet. We screen for Feng Shui.


You can spend $200 a day on your relationship to find out that she can’t swim 4 months later. You can find out that she doesn’t allow bacon in the house. You can find out that she is still married or has unmentioned kids.


Our service has membership levels ranging from “sit and wait” to “3 matchmakers are working for me” to “I am only interested in a woman that lives in Colombia”. Purchasing introductions range from 1 to unlimited. Your life is not a microwave. This is not “Here’s a hot pocket”. This is not “Hire a model for a day”. This is something you cannot do on your own because you hang out at Swanky Swanks and the girls are at Sporty Spanks.


You will save tons of time, money and brain cells by adding a matchmaker to your payroll. It is a service that you should afford. Women join to meet you. Women call to meet you. Women are trying to get a man like you. But we want your happiness through appropriate strategies.


Malibu Matchmaking has been open since 2016. Our leadership includes the very famous Mr Casanova, VC accelerator Eddie Sparks, who traveled around the world while owning a business in Los Angeles. He has worked for 3 matchmaking agencies prior to owning Malibu Matchmaking which is good for you, because he was able to hook himself up with supermodel Lisseth Rincones. That means he can do the same for you. He can hook you up with Content to Smile Stephanie… or Jetski Jessica… or Addicted to the Politics Paulina…


It is important to meet women who have been pre-screened by professionals. Upscale single women are looking for men in SoCal, New York, Miami, Nationally, and Internationally. We have ways to conform our massive portfolio of hot, smart, beautiful women into one or two who would be comfortable with an introduction to you… :^) This is your year to put your finger on the phone and press call. We hope to talk to you today.


” I am very picky about femininity and my introduction to you. You better open the door. Run to grab something until she moves in. Erase your phone history dumb dumb. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of a table with just you on it.


Join the club of what everyone else is doing and do it well. It will never make sense to a man like you, but it will provide you with kisses and smiles. It will free you up at least 2-3 hours a day with teamwork. It will provide endless entertainment both positive and O My God.


You are the man. Work hard and go sell something means that you are also the leader. You are the leader, the King, the provider and the problem solver.


You’re also just the arm candy you goof. Go dance. She likes that and you killing an occasional creepy crawly. There is everything to be happy about with legs and lips. Enjoy the magic of matchmaking. You deserve it. ” – Casanova.

We Coach You to Be the Man in the Relationship

Meet a Woman… a Forever Woman


She Dances Like a Jeanie

Hip-notized by her lips. Start the process. Find an amazing smile.

Date Ideas in Our Area

Daryl Hall, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, and Charlie Sexton !!!

Greek Theatre • Los Angeles, CA

Tues • June 18 • 6:30 PM

Jim Jefferies, Forrest Shaw, Jay Larson, and Jenny Zigrino!

Hollywood Improv • Los Angeles, CA

Wed • June 19 • 8 PM

Third Eye Blind

Greek Theatre • Los Angeles, CA

Thurs • June 20 • 6:30 PM

Eliane Elias 🖒

Catalina Jazz Club • Hollywood, CA

Thurs • June 20 • 8:30 PM

The Iron Maidens!!!!

Gaslamp • Long Beach, CA

Sat • June 22 • 6:00 PM

The Doobie Brothers !!

Kia Forum • Inglewood, CA

Sun • June 23 • 7 PM

Foreigner, Styx, and John Waite !!

Honda Center • Anaheim, CA

Fri • June 28 • 6:45 PM

Warsaw Poland Bros. 🖒

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. • Santa Barbara, CA

Fri • June 28 • 7 PM

X Games ft Wiz Khalifa

Ventura County Fairgrounds and Event Center • Ventura, CA

Fri • June 28 • Noon

The Roots, Queen Latifah, Common, Digable Planets, Arrested Development, The Pharcyde, Black Sheep, and Jungle Brothers

Hollywood Bowl • Hollywood, CA

Sat • June 29 • 7 PM

Steve Trevino

Brea Improv • Brea, CA

Sat • June 29 • 9:30 PM

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Olon, Ecuador

December 2021

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November 2021

Andorra del Valle, Andorra

October 2021

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

September 2021

Lisbon, Portugal

August 2021

Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

July 2021

Williston, ND

June 2021

Washington DC

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Tampa, FL

April 2021

Negril, Jamaica

March 2021

Petit Guave, Haiti

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